My Biography

this is DebbieAccording to my parents, I was born in Long Island, New York. I have no reason to doubt them, as I have a certificate that concurs. The third of four children and the only girl, I was lucky enough to have my own room whereas my brothers were frequently forced to share one. I used to want a sister until I figured out I would then be in the same situation as the boys.

In the summer of my thirteenth year, we moved to Sarasota, FL, where I happily became a Floridian for the long haul. Aside from one year at Hollins College (now Hollins University) near Roanoke, VA, Sarasota remained my home until May of 2005, when I moved, with my husband and sons to Spring Hill.

After my one year at Hollins, where I took every film course they had, I applied to NYU's film school and was accepted. However, lack of funds curtailed my dreams of becoming a film director, so I got a job at the local cable company's television studio. I was hired as a camera operator and quickly moved on to also doing lighting, sets and a myriad of other tasks. Finally, I convinced them into letting me do film and theater reviews.

Thus was born the show Sarasota on Review. My first show was a catastrophe due to my colleagues playing tricks on me during the taping and then not letting me do it again.

Meanwhile, my future husband, had just moved to Sarasota to help his grandparents. He turned on the TV and, flipping through the channels, came upon my dismal television debut. He thought I was awful and switched me off.

Something about me intrigued him however, and he approached the cable company, resume in hand, asking for a job the very next day.

He was hired in the service department, which rarely, if ever, interacted with the folks in the studio, but he was determined to meet me. He waited until I was leaving work one day to introduce himself. The rest is history.

On our first date he told me we would be married, have two children, and, as I had confessed to him I was a shopaholic, he informed me he would be keeping the credit cards. All of this came true, although he has grudgingly relented and let me have ONE credit card. So, after over a quarter century together, Sparrow and I are happier than ever. We feel as though we are still honeymooning.

God has truly blessed me! He gave me the most perfect childhood anyone could ever imagine, due primarily to my wonderful parents, Rudy and Betty. My brothers and I remain close in spirit, if not geographically. Our children are well and happy. Despite numerous obstacles, mainly health related, Sparrow and I have become closer and our bond, stronger than ever. Many people look at our relationship and ask what our secret is. It's simple.

Put Jesus Christ in the center of your marriage, each put your partner's needs and wants above your own, always talk to each other and respect each other, and never lose sight of what drew you to the other in the first place.