April 2, 2011

Penny's eggs hatched today. 14 Ducklings. Here's a picture of the new kids!. They sure are cute!


New Ducklings



March 25, 2011

Penny decided she wanted to be a mommy the right way, so she's been sitting on a clutch of 15 eggs now for 3 weeks. We expect ducklings in about 10 more days!


 Sitting on a nest



December 9, 2010

PJ and Penny have a baby! Penny wasn't interested in sitting, so we shoved two duck eggs under a broody hen. Our new duck was born today.


 New duckling







September 15, 2010

PJ and Penny hang out in the yard with their pet dog Sniffers. Penny likes to chase Sniffers around the yard..


 Ducks with Dog



August 14, 2010

PJ and Penny venture into our fish pond. We have about 400 very large goldfish in our front yard pond. They enjoyed eating the many snails in the pond.


 Duck Swim



July 24, 2010

Now almost fully grown, PJ and Penny spash around in their pool. There's video of their play in the left menu if you're interested.


 Duck Swim



PJ spreads his wings and flaps about while swimming in his pool. He's almost full grown, and getting his final feather colors



 4 week old ducks



June 30, 2010

Here's a picture of the completed duck pen. I'm sitting with them, watching them play in their swimming pool. They like it much!


 duck enclosure



PJ and Penny are a month old now. They have most of their feathers, and their markings sure make them look like buff orpingtons. They sure are cute!



 4 week old ducks



June 17, 2010

Boy are these ducks growing fast. At this rate they'll be 6 foot tall and 400 pounds by the end of the summer. They are starting to get their feathers and seem to have the coloring of buff orpington ducks? We'll see. Son Hilary has named them PJ and Penny. He has commanded Sparrow to cut out a sign with their names on the plasma cutter!


 duck enclosure



Hilary and Sparrow started a duck enclosure. It's 16 feet in diameter with a nice 2 duck house and room for their new blue swimming pool.



 3 week old ducks



June 10, 2010

It's time to let the quackers outside for a few hours a day. Sparrow whipped up this pentagon shaped enclosure out of some old 1/2 inch plywood. (That's a 40 meter vertical ham antenna in the background left)


 duck enclosure



Oh boy, a bigger swimming pool, we're going to enjoy this! Just deep enough for us to float around and practice our diving and breath holding!



 1 week old ducks



Are you looking at me? I said, are you looking at me? Well OK then. Yet to be named quacker gets some pool time in.



 1 week old ducks



June 8, 2010

I hold the ducks for a bit. We want them to be tame, so I spend a lot of time holding them and hand feeding them


 1 week old ducks



Molly, meet the ducks. Ducks, meet Molly the goat. They'll all be friends I'm sure (At least I don't think goats like duck l'orange for a light snack)



 1 week old ducks



June 6, 2010

The Quackers are growing fast! They will be fully grown at 6 weeks old, so we don't have much time to get them set up with a duck house. We already have a big pond they can use.


 1 week old ducks



May 29, 2010

Sparrow came home from the farm store today with two baby ducks. I'd always wanted a pair of ducks for our pond. I'll put up duck photos as they grow up. For now, they're in the bathtub where we have our chicken brooder!