There be goats in the yard!



May 31, 2009

We picked up Nick and Molly from the breeder this morning.They are getting used to their new digs, and I'm getting used to the fact that I'll be getting up in the middle of the night to give them their every 4 hour feeding!

Here's some pics of Nick and Molly right after they were born, and coming home!







goat feeder


Here's the feeding area, showing the salt lick, feed dish and hay feeder.The hay feeder pulls out on tracks from under the roof to fill! (Sparrow built it in his workshop)


automatic water dish


Here's the goat's automatic waterer, it's just hooked up with a garden hose.


Entrance to the Shelter


Here's the entrance to their goat house. It's a cozy size for them to stay out of the rain.



Sign that says,"Nick and Molly"


Of course their names are on the fence! Sparrow likes making these signs.


Goat habitat


Overview of the goat pen.They'll spend most of the time with a run of the whole yard. The pen is for night time!



May 31, 2009

Kids are home, but not sure if they want to come out of the car carrier!



goats are home


June 2, 2009


Climbing Mommy


Nick and Molly have settled in to their new home and are seen here climbing all over their mommy (Like most kids do!)

Video of their first steps in the Movies area!



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