Quick Ham News:

Updated March 16, 2008

Recent DX Stations Worked




OJ0B Market Reef 20m
3B7C St. Brandon 20m
TX5C Clipperton Island 15m



My very first HF contact was on April 4, 2007 when I was able to contact Swains Island on 15 meters. I even got them on my first call! Two days later, it was nice to see my call in their log! (KI4JUM was my old call before I changed it to a vanity call sign) I got my QSL card from N8S the first week in September.



My Kia


I currently have 2 radios. Both Yaesu, I have a 2 meter 70 cm radio in the house and an FT-857d in the car.




Interior view of my FT-857d. It had been in my OM's truck, but he took his truck off the road, and now that we're sharing a car, he put the HF rig in my van.


my radio in the house

Here's my rig in the house. It's an FT-7100 dual bander, that we set up using 8 conductor phone cable, so that I can plug the control head in, either on our headboard (great for checking into late night nets) or I can unplug just the head, leaving the speaker, and move it into our kitchen / Dining room area!

HF Station

Here's the HF rig. I'm still learning the ins and outs of his FT-1000 MK V Field radio so I can use the station by myself!